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Hello and welcome to the web pages I have authored and currently maintain. 
As this is a work in progress, and not unlike the Universe, is gradually expanding, (albeit, a little slower), there is the odd inevitable 'lean area' here and there, but hopefully no black holes. A recent change of host (as cwc.net simply disappeared one day in April 2009, having resided there for over 10 years) has meant that some further reorganising and cleansing of pages has been called for, and while in progress (for the next few months at least) there will be more gaps than normal. So please do bear with me, whilst midnight oil is burnt, so that normal service is able to resume. 
Mike Munro
M i n e s & M i n i n g
Welsh Mines Society - Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru
A disparate group which meets three times a year - with a focus on metal mines, and slate
Mining Research & Exploration
Mining Artefacts [Awaiting upload] 
Mining Books [Awaiting upload] 
A l t e r n a t i v e E n e r g i e s
Wind Power [Awaiting upload] 
Wind Monitoring
Hydro Power
Home Power Generation WebRing
O n & O f f - R o a d
VW Type III Fastback [Awaiting upload] 
Land Rover & Track Marshall
N a r r o w G a u g e R a i l w a y s
  2' or 15" Gauge (& beyond...) [Awaiting upload]
  Sail Bogies
M a r i t i m e
  Copsewood [Awaiting upload]
C o m p u t i n g
W o o d l a n d s, F o r e s t r y & T i m b e r
  Forestry Management
A e r i a l R o p e w a y s
  Tracks in the sky
O t h e r S t u f f
A philosophical 'statement' to help you through your time on this wonderful planet !
Written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920's  - go here to learn more about its origins.

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