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Hello and welcome to the web pages I have authored, and maintained on-line for over 20 years.  Some material has its origins from last century, while others are a little more contemporary, but all are of subjects for which I have a passion for, &/or have had significant involvement with.  Hope you find something of interest too...! 
As this is a work in progress, and not unlike the Universe, is gradually expanding, (albeit, a little slower !), there is the odd inevitable 'lean area' here and there, but hopefully no black holes.  A contributory factor to this variability has been the need to change the host of my web pages (and those of Welshmines.org) on two separate occasions :
 - April 2009 : cwc.net simply disappeared, along with my webpages, which had resided with them for over 10 years.  Hosting was moved to Easily.co.uk, with whom I'd previously registered some domains.
 - July 2020 : A highly unsatisfactory transition (their move, not mine), in 2018, from Easily.co.uk to Easily.uk, (who, as of July 2020, are ranked on gb.hostadvice.com at 4,256th out of 4,277 hosting companies) resulted in insufficient control of my web space and domains, such that my web pages again disappeared.  Hosting is now with Mythic-Beasts.com, with whom I have greater control over my web space than ever before - let us hope it remains that way...
  Both of these events presented an opportunity for reorganising and updating webpages, and this has resulted in both temporary and permanent 'gaps' in content.  So with this in mind, please do bear with me if you find the odd broken link or incomplete content...
Mike Munro
M i n e s & M i n i n g
Welsh Mines Society - Cymdeithas Mwyngloddiau Cymru
A disparate group of passionate folk who focus on metal mines, and slate quarries in Wales.
Mining Research & Exploration
Mining Artefacts [Awaiting upload]
Mining Books [Awaiting upload]
A l t e r n a t i v e E n e r g i e s 
Wind Power [Awaiting upload]
Wind Monitoring
Hydro Power
[Publications, Papers & Extracts]
O n & O f f - R o a d
VW Type III Fastback [Awaiting upload]
Land Rover & Track Marshall
N a r r o w G a u g e R a i l w a y s
  2' or 15" Gauge (& beyond...) [Awaiting upload]
  Sail Bogies
M a r i t i m e
  Copsewood [Awaiting upload]
C o m p u t i n g
W o o d l a n d s, F o r e s t r y & T i m b e r
  Forestry Management
A e r i a l R o p e w a y s
  Tracks in the sky
O t h e r S t u f f
A philosophical 'statement' to help you through your time on this wonderful planet !
Written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920's  - go here to learn more about its origins.

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