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The following publications can all be obtained from the Intermediate Technology Bookshop, London.

'Microhydro Design Manual', by Adam Harvey, 3rd Reprint, 2000, 374pp.  Intermediate Technology Publications.
  Exactly what it says !  It's not cheap (£35.00) but if you're serious about installing a system, it's worth every bean.
'Pumps As Turbines', by Arthur Williams, 1st Edn., 1995, 60pp.  Intermediate Technology Publications. 
  Explains the practicalities of using a standard centrifugal pump as a hydro turbine.
'A Design Manual for Water Wheels', by William G. Ovens, 1st Edn., 3rd Reprint, 1989, 77pp.  Volunteers in Technical Assistance. 
  Takes you through the theory of how to design a water wheel, includes details of a reciprocating pump which is suitable for being driven by a water wheel. 

'Impact of Jets', Mech. Eng. degree lab' work carried out by M.P.Munro, May 1983.

   The following links will take you to extracts from various publications which I've offered copies of (as a result of enquiries via my hydro web pages and those from the Microhydro eGroup ) to help spread the knowledge of the application of small scale hydro power.  Most of the material is long since past its copyright date, but if you have reason to believe that I'm in breach of any copyright law, please do let me know.  All works presented herewith are fully credited to the original author. 

   Most files are in .PDF format while others are presented as .HTML files.  (Thanks to Joe Hartvigsen for converting files to .PDF format until I was able to obtain my own copy of Adobe Writer.) 

Michael P. Munro 

'Hydraulics and its Applications', by A.H.Gibson, 4th Edition, 2nd Reprint, 1938.  Constable & Co. Ltd. London. 
  'Jets from Needle-Nozzle' - Pages; 420-423 (PDF 255KB) & page 422 (450dpi). (PDF 164KB)
  'Turgo' Impulse Turbine - Pages; 444, 445, 446 & 447. (PDF 69KB to 83KB)
  Theory of the Impulse Turbine - Pages; 448, 449, 450, 451, 452, 453, 454 & 455. (PDF 47KB to 71KB)
'Water Turbines', by Paul N. Wilson, 1973, HMSO/Science Museum. 
  'The Pelton Wheel and the Turgo Impulse Turbine' - Pages; 18-19, 20-21 & 22-23. (PDF 188KB to 207KB)
  'Propeller, Kaplan and Deriaz Turbines' - Pages; 23, 24 & 25. (PDF 113KB & 196 KB)
'Water-Power.  An Outline of the Development and Application of the Energy of Flowing Water', by Joseph P. Frizell, 1st Edition, 1901. 
  Poncelet Wheel - Pages; 252-255
'A Text-Book of Mechanical Engineering', by the late Wilfred J. Lineham, 11th Edition, Revised, 1922. 
  Poncelet Wheel - Pages; 719-722
Timber Water Wheel Plan, C.A.T., 1978. (PDF 119KB)
'Hydraulics for Engineers and Engineering Students', by Frederick Charles Lea, 5th Edition, 1930. 
  Overshot Wheel - Pages; 417-422 (PDF 492KB)
  Poncelet Wheel - Pages; 428-433 (PDF 495KB)
'A Text-Book on Steam and Steam Engines', by Professor Jamieson, 13th Edition, 1901. 
  'Brake Horse Power' (Dynamometers) - Pages; 208-209, 210-211, 212-213, 214-215, 216-217, 218-219 & 220-221. (PDF 197KB to 278KB)
'Kempe's Engineers Year-book : 1972 - Volume One'.
  'Impulse Turbines : The Pelton Wheel;  The Turgo Wheel' - Pages;  948-953 (PDF 431KB)
'Hydraulics and the Mechanics of Fluids', E.H. Lewitt, 9th Edition, 1955.
  'Water Turbines, (g) Pelton Wheel' - Pages;  276-281 (PDF 317KB)

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