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 A very select list aimed at those managing small woods
On-Line Publications
 Forestry Commission - Publications
(Many downloadable for free - we like that !)
 'A Wood of Your Own'
 'Badgers, Blisters & Breeches'
(by Julian Evans - author of a number of other excellent books on small woodland ownership.
- Download FOC from Woodlandsforsale.co.uk)
 COFORD - Publications  - Many available as .pdfs
(National Council for Forest Research and Development - Ireland)
 Forestry & British Timber
Woodland Agents / For Sale
 John Clegg & Co.
(The UK woodland agents)
 Woods 4 Sale
(Small plots)
 FIM - Forestry Investment Management
 R.A.P. - Rural Arbor Products Ltd
Very competitive 3rd party liability insurance for smaller woodlands (i.e. 75 hectares; 185 acres and below)
 FIM - Forestry Investment Management
E-mail them on fim@fimltd.co.uk for details
Forest Machinery
Timber Working Machinery
 Sawmill in Canada
 Steam powered sawmill in Canada
Sheds, Shelters & Shacks
 The treehouse guide
 Shelter Publications
 Shedworking in woodlands
 Tarp Shelters
  Download available showing various designs
 Log Cabin
 US Cabin
 Simple Homesteading - buy this mans E-Book
Government Supported Organisations
 Forestry Commission
(Go to these chaps for a felling licence)
 Coed Cymru
There are a huge number of these,
make sure you pick one which meets your needs !
 The Royal Forestry Society
 Welsh Timber Forum
 Small Woods Association
 The Forestry and Timber Association
Link, http://www.forestryandtimber.org, appears to be duff....
 [ Temp Link ]
On-line communities / resources
 Eco lots
Buy/sell woodlands products & equipment via. their quarterly news sheet.
 British Trees
Small Woodland Owners
 Ben Law  - of Prickly Nut Woods fame

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