H e r o e s

Welcome to my heroes page. This is (initially at least) a list of links to people (some alive, some not so) who have inspired me with their abilities and achievements, usually in the face of complete adversity. I'm not saying that they are the worlds more notable, (although they are undoubtedly inspirational) but without their achievements, the world would somehow be a slightly duller place to live in. In some cases we would be deprived of what many folk now take for granted, and which allow them to live a comfortable and ever expanding manner - and yes, I am an Engineer, and although surprising to many people, without us, we'd be living much more difficult, and decidedly shorter, and less comfortable lives...
Mike Munro
A e r o n a u t i c a l  ( A i r c r a f t & F l y i n g ! )
Paul MacCready
Designer and driving force behind the creation of the worlds first 'successful' human powered aircraft - the Gossamer Condor. I say 'successful', as it won the original Kremer Prize, for which specific levels of maneuverability, flight duration, and altitude were required. MacCready went on to develop further human and solar powered aircraft, which further pushed the flight envelope of such aircraft.
Details of MacCready's human & solar powered aircraft and many others, may be  found here : 'Malcolm's Human Powered Aircraft Website' - well done fella.
A r c h i t e c t u r e & B u i l d i n g
Lloyd Kahn
Self builder of the not-so-conventional home, and author of the most inspirational books for home building which you will ever see. 'Shelter' was the first that I found....
A u t o m o t i v e
Maurice Wilks
The man behind the concept of the original Land Rover - without which my life would have been very different indeed.
E n g i n e e r i n g
Isambard Kindom Brunel
Very nearly the Leonardo da Vinci of the Victorian age.

Inventor of the AC electric motor, (amongst many other ground breaking designs), thus  enabling power transmission by AC, the very back bone of the developed world.
A relatively unknown hero of the 'modern world'.
n d u s t r i a l A r c h a e o l o g y
David Ewart Bick
Instigator of the Welsh Mines Society (and fellow Mechanical Engineer)
L T C Rolt
Both Tom, and his wife Sonia, have had a significant impact on the preservation of many material assets, mainly industrial, through the setting up of the Inland Waterways Association, Association for Industrial Archaeology, Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society amongst providing influence and support for the creation of other nationally respected groups and bodies.
More details about Rolts exploits, and the many books he authored, (his autobiographies are a great read) can be found here.
M u s i c
John Peel
Radio Disc Jockey, and musical fanatic - undoubtedly the single most influential source within the not-so-popular musical scene.
I first tuned into John Peel in the early 1980's in my late teens (late at night when I ought to have been asleep of course !) and on hearing the likes of Joy Division, realised that this was something quite different. I remained an avid listener - virtually every night, for some 30 years, until his somewhat untimely death.
N a r r o w G a u g e R a i l w a y s
Sir Arthur Percival Heywood
Developed the concept of the 'Minimum Gauge' railway - which he defined 15" as being the smallest gauge for which a practical working railway could be built.
Read hi
s book 'Minimum Gauge Railways' 3rd Edn., 1898

Mike Munro
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