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The following mining & caving books are available from : Tony Oldham
34 Park Road, Cwmparc,
Treorchy, Rhondda Cynon Taff,
CF42 6LE, Wales, UK
E-mail Tony to order, or for further details.
The Royal Forest of Dean 
  • THE CAVES OF THE FOREST OF DEAN by Tony Oldham, Keith Jones and Paul Taylor.

  • Published as Part 11 in the Series "Limestones and Caves of South Wales", July 1, 2006, xii+57 pp.
    23 maps / surveys, 13 colour photos including front cover.
      Includes such classics as Redhouse Swallet and Slaughter Stream Caves etc., and the latest discoveries, Big Sink Cave, Miss Grace’s Lane Cave etc.
      SB. Only available from Paul Taylor. Email: paultaylor@redhousefod.co.uk
  • THE CAVES OF THE SOUTH EASTERN OUTCROP by Tony Oldham and Keith Jones

  • Part 8 in the Series "Limestones and Caves of South Wales"  January, 2003, revised August 2005, xii+39pp., 1page of color photos, 17 surveys / maps / illus etc.
      Includes such classics as Otter Hole. 
      SB £5.00  post free.
  • THE MINES OF THE FOREST OF DEAN and surrounding areas by Tony Oldham [2000]

  • 65pp., surveys, illus., etc. Includes Coal, Iron and even a Gold Mine ! A gazetteer which lists all the mines together with brief descriptions, NGR of mines etc. Companion edition to the above two books.
      SB Reprinted October 2008 £10.00 

  • THE CAVES AND MINES OF ANGLESEY by Tony Oldham January 2006 ix+57 pp. illus., surveys, 3 pages of colour photos.

  •   Anglesey is overshadowed by the great Parys Mountain copper mine.  This book describes many of the smaller mines including the long forgotten coal mines at Berw.  Usual gazetteer style: name, National Grid Reference, description and references. 
      SB £7.50

  • THE MINES OF IRELAND by Tony Oldham [April 2003]  i + 45 pp., includes surveys.

  •   Until the publication of the first edition of this book some years ago, very little was known about the mines of Ireland.  By researching scientific [and the not so scientific] journals I have accumulated a wealth of information on the mines both north and south of the border from Bronze age to present day.  For each mine a short description is given,  followed by a list of references, and if known the NGR.  A recent visit describes the present day remains.  I have also attempted to provide eejit proof directions for finding  the mines.  Useful reference work.
       Out of print. Only available as a CD for £5.00 post free. 

  • THE MINES OF SOUTH WESTERN SCOTLAND by Tony Oldham 2005. 35 pp, 5 surveys cum
    location maps, 18 colour photos including colour front and rear covers.

  •   The mines of south-western Scotland are virtually unknown to most of the inhabitants of England and Wales. In many ways it is a lost and forgotten area. An area of wild beauty, noted more for its agriculture and scenery than for its industries. It has never been of great importance as a centre of mining; nevertheless the scattered occurrences of metalliferous ores that have been worked from time to time are relatively poorly covered in literature. The two main works by G V Wilson (1921) and James R Foster-Smith (1967) are long out of print and difficult to obtain. This present work hopes to overcome this problem by recording those deposits, which are known to exist, and which have been worked or investigated in past times. There is no active mining in the area at present, though some small-scale mining continued as late as 1954.
      Laminated covers. £7.50
  • THE MINES OF SCOTLAND: A BIBLIOGRAPHY by Tony Oldham Feb 2009 100 pp.

  •   It could be argued that if you want to research the mines of Scotland, all you would need are Landless 1993, Wilson 1921 and access to Google. The bibliography goes a little further. It lists some national grid references and some mines discovered after 1993. The mines are listed first by minerals and then by counties.
      To save paper the bibliography is available on a CD for £3.00 or free as an attachment from: tonyfoldham@hotmail.com

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