Bwlch Glas Lead & Zinc Mine

NOTE :  Underground exploration can be a dangerous activity, potentially fatal.
 Never attempt to venture underground unless properly equipped or without
sufficient knowledge of the hazards you're likely to meet, and never on
your own.  You have been warned !

  Bwlch Glas Mine lies in the Cyneiniog valley, at NGR SN 710, 878, a few miles east of Talybont.  Mining at this location didn't start until relative late in comparison to many of the metal mines in Cardiganshire.  After some early work during the 1880's, substantial production didn't occur until the early 1900's and was intermittently worked up to 1923 by the Scottish Cardigan Lead Mining Co. Ltd..  The Plynlimon & Hafan Tramway, the trackbed of which runs through the foundations and remains of the processing mill, was closed in 1899, thus the mine was unable to make use of it when production increased in later years.  There are further details on the history of the mine, (and the Tramway) in the following publications:   The definitive history of this mine has yet to be published, something I believe the current owner of the mineral rights to this mine (a certain Bernard Moore) has aspirations for.

  The following images were the result of a field trip I took while participating in the NAMHO 2002 meet, hosted by the Welsh Mines Society, this particular field trip being ably led by members of the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club - my thanks to them for re-bolting the belay points for the final pitch down to the tramming level of the lower adit.

Bwlch Glas - Surface Views 
Remains of dressing floors 
(Details to be posted soon)

Bwlch Glas - Underground 
Upper Level & Intermediate Level 
(More details to be posted soon)
Entrance to the Upper Adit
NGR SN 9418, 8591
Remains of windlass supports above flooded stope in upper level.  Note compressed air pipe running along floor

Bwlch Glas - Underground Headframe and Cages 
(Accessed via the Upper Adit)  
Looking at the cages, from their normally accessed side.  Access to day, via. the stope, is behind me. 
(Note that the gates were 'automatically' lifted when the cages arrived at this level.)
Looking at the cages from the other side - i.e. that of the winder.
 (Note the signal bell on the far left, just above the safety gate.)
Detail of the sliding safety gates. Detail of the signal bell.
Closer detail of one of the cages.  I've no idea as to the function of the iron bar in the middle of the cage, fastened to the roof.  Any guesses ?
Looking up to the headgear.
(Note the galvanised sheeting to keep the water off the cages.) 
Note pipes under cage to prevent them falling to shaft bottom.

Detail of cage construction
The way out !
Dave Thompson returns to the intermediate level.
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