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  These pages are a small taste of the mining research & exploration which I've experienced mainly in the UK but also in other countries.  My focus is Wales, more specifically metal mining in South Wales, but I've touched almost all other areas of mining activity in Wales.

  As time allows I'll be placing some specific details relating to certain mines in addition to hosting the Welsh Mines Society home page.

  If you're just getting started in the field of mining research and want to know more about that hole in the ground, or that pile of stones on top of it, but not too sure where to start ?  Then check out an excellent article in NMRS publication, British Mining No.63, ‘Researching Mining in the UK’, by Hazel Mary Martell, pp.147-155.  This article is recommended reading for those just starting out on a trail of research, even those who are seasoned crusaders in this area may learn a couple of things - I certainly did !

  Any comments you have regarding this web site will be most welcome.

Mike Munro

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